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The T-Rex at the Natural History Museum of London

8 October 2007 at 21:34 - By Cedric Annicette

t-rex national history museum london

The Tyrannosaur Rex, the king of the dinosaurs, the meat eater, the scary one, as big as a double-decked bus… Fortunately there are no more such creatures in London. Maybe there are some in the tube, that’s why it’s always in “signal failure” in the morning!

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  1. I saw the T-Rex in late August when I was leading a group of foreign language students around the Big Smoke that is London! Great stuff! Though…REALLY crowded…and some West Indies member of staff shouting on a loudspeaker to get everyone moving on!!

    Greetings from TORUŃ DAILY PHOTO here in Poland!

    comment by Glenn Standish — October 8, 2007 @ 10:36 pm

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