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Champagne training - St Pancras - Eurostar

15 November 2007 at 23:18 - By Cedric Annicette 3 comments

champagne in London

The longest Champagne bar in Europe has open at St Pancras. I am just training!

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Give him a coin

29 October 2007 at 23:57 - By Cedric Annicette one comment


A clown making his trick near Covent Garden. I can’t even manage to do that with two balls…

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The T-rex was bigger than a red bus!

25 October 2007 at 23:14 - By Cedric Annicette 7538 comments


According to this picture, the T-rex was biger than a londonian red bus. Let’s imagine such a lezard on Piccadilly Circus!

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Human statue of London

3 October 2007 at 01:00 - By Cedric Annicette one comment

human statue waterloo london eye

Have you ever met a human statue? If not go by the London Eye and you will spot some. They are quite skilled artists and are able to stay motionless for hours. Some of them are so good - like the one in the picture - that pigeons have rest on their head! But that’s ok for the living statue as people put more money in the pot when their feathered friends are using them as a tree! :)

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A stormtrooper in London!

25 September 2007 at 22:13 - By Cedric Annicette Comments Off

starwars storm troopers

This stormtrooper who comes straigth away from Star Wars has been shooted by the London Eye. To me the saga from Lucas is one of the best in the world. Some Stormtroopers were there as an exibition was taking place. It was quite expensive to get in…

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Sponge Bob flying in the air

21 September 2007 at 20:30 - By Cedric Annicette one comment

sponge bob

Sponge Bob floating in the air during the Thames Festival.

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A Squirell in prison

20 September 2007 at 23:30 - By Cedric Annicette one comment

squirell london

There are many squirell in London, you finf them in the parcs, your garden, the street, etc. This one has been taken by the waterloo station. It could even be an actor in “Prison Break”!

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Flight to London

17 September 2007 at 21:46 - By Cedric Annicette Comments Off

flight to london

Yes the photo hadn’t been taken over London but the flight was to London so it’s ok! For instance if a woman give birth in an airplane the baby will take the nationality of the arrival country. Then this picture is a London Daily Picture!

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No Swimming in the street please !

15 September 2007 at 01:00 - By Cedric Annicette one comment

I saw this in the Notting Hill’s street. Could someone explain me what is it for?! I din’t see any water…

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